joy = new beginnings

All the joyful things shall now be documented over here: Go!

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joy = joyful wiggles

Love this picture… love that I can see the joy of wiggling, through the wiggle. Usually a blurry picture drives me nuts, but this one perfectly describes her.


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joy = one!

Goodness, a year can go by quickly.



is now this.




is now a little girl.


A little girl who loves to clap and hug and sway to music.

It blows me away that I’ve been a mom for a year.

How is it that I’ve been doing something for a year (plus 9 months of preparation), and yet it still feels so new, and I still feel so unsure? And yet, so sure and natural… all at the same time?

My greatest joy right now is my snuggly one year old. I’ve never been so needed or so loved.


She is wonderful.

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joy = change

Some things are constant.

The kingship of Christ. Grace. The omnipotence of God. Gravity (at least on the earth’s surface outside of an anti-gravity chamber, anyway). The sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening (or afternoon, in the Seattle winter).

Somethings are not.

One day there is dirt, the very next day, there are green bulb stems reaching out from the dirt to an impressive height of a full inch tall. One day, there are pink gums and one tooth in the baby’s smile, and the very next day, there is another tooth decorating her grin. One day, it doesn’t matter if the dog barks, the very next day, it makes the baby scared and causes her to cry, and look up at mama for comfort.

Things can change entirely in just one day.

For the things which are constant, we should hold on to them tightly and dearly, appreciating their ever-presence. Don’t run from God and doubt his ability; He is all-knowing and all-powerful – that will always be true. There ARE things which will always be true, but in the grand scheme, the things which are this way are few. They are big, but few.

For the others, we should not hold onto things too tightly, for something that is can change overnight into what will be. And both will have been true.

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joy = creative optimism

I’m hoping that I can use this


And yarns in these colors


to make a cute thing like this


for this little one


by Easter.

Unfortunately, I don’t really know how to crochet very well yet.

Hence, the book.

To further complicate things,

I also want to make this


but the fabric isn’t picked out yet.

Although, it probably should match the sweater,

just in case I manage to pull all this off.

And that will be

an Easter miracle.

Don’t you think?

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joy = having a place to start

Well, crap.  Did you know that Wii Fit plays sad music if you do a pretty sad job in the slalom ski game? I did my very best, and yet, my Mii started crying and sad music played.  It’s enough to make my Mii commit Wii suicide off the tight rope game.

So… obviously, the Wii finally came. Nintendo (well, their promotional ad agency, really) had some logistical problems with the contest and sending me a functioning Wii. But, after a bit of discussion and escalation, I finally have all the goodies.

This really is a fun toy. A bit depressing at the moment, but fun.  After it did my body scan, the happy-girl Wii Fit voice told me, “that’s overweight!”  Hurray for me!  Then she proceeded to tell me that I should make some goals to lose weight.  I guess so.  Oh, I’m also “unbalanced,” which my husband and I thought was really funny. I’ll have to remind him that that was a physical assessment, not mental.  Thankfully, he’s unbalanced too.  It gave me a Wii age of 40, which is sad since I’m really 30.

So, I told it I want to lose 13 pounds in 2 months.  I’d love to just get to a point where sad music doesn’t play. If only I could find a way to set that as my Wii goal.

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joy = no more excuses

I’ve been putting off (more accurately… I’ve been highly distracted) getting all our Christmas stuff put away and getting the house cleaned up.  Unfortunately, I do not like having Christmas stuff out until February, so it’s actually been aiding my bad mood. I don’t want it out, but I haven’t had the energy to put it away, either.

It’s time. And I’m out of excuses.


Baby is asleep. Coffee is hot. Supply of required coffee creamer has been replenished.  Let’s go! No snowman or santa is safe.

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