joy = summer in seattle

We are in the midst of a four day stay-cation; today we spent our day visiting Pike Place Market and Alki Beach.  It was an absolutely wonderful day – both with the weather and with my family.  I didn’t want it to end, except for the fact that I knew we were going to end our time at Alki with milkshakes at the Luna Park Cafe – yum!

Looking through a painter’s stall into the flower stalls.  We really liked this painter’s work and might end up getting one  for our home.

I still am not used to seeing cruise ships on the Seattle waterfront. This lady doing tai-chi by herself was cracking me up…how funny.

Loved this street band. Notice the guy on the right. He’s playing a rope and bucket. Not sure how that works, but they sounded great.

Old market, new buildings.

All the fresh produce is so pretty, and I love the free samples.   =)

The fish throwing stall was a bit slow, so one of the guys got out a package of smoked salmon and started handing out samples.

The famous sign, from behind.

On to Alki beach.  I’ve always loved how when you are at Alki, you are in Seattle, but looking at Seattle. Figure that one out.

So beatiful.  So fun.  Lovely day.


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