joy = baby clothes that fit

I made baby another dress. I decided to do this without a pattern and (even though it’s about the simplest design ever) it took me 3 tries…it took forever!  It wasn’t such a problem to not have a pattern, but it was a problem to go without directions. I kept doing silly things and ruining the whole project. Well, good thing that the dress only took about a half yard of fabric, or I would have been in real trouble.

This dress is long, but fits around, which is just perfect for a growing baby.



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2 responses to “joy = baby clothes that fit

  1. How cute! I’ve tried to go without a pattern and it was a nightmare. I’ll never do that again. Well, Never say Never– but at this point I’m saying that… 😉
    Your little bean looks so big, mama!

  2. What a cute little dress! I might be copying it next spring!

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