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joy = packages in the mail

The Wii arrived and there was great rejoicing in the house.


Baby hopes there is a game for wiggling and kicking. She would rock that game.


Unfortunately, my Wii will only work in Argentina and we need to send it back for the US version.  It seems we have an Argentinian Wii.  Oh, don’t cry for me Argentina!


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joy = magically wonderful photos

I LOVE taking photos of my baby girl. It’s getting more challenging as she gets older… now that she knows how to make the recliner rock, and her goal in a photos session is to lunge for (and eat) the camera.

I love it when I try to get one picture, and somehow…by a gathering of all good blessings from heaven, I get an amazing picture that I didn’t even intend to. I end the “photo shoot” a little bummed, until I look at them on the computer.  Magic.

This is one of those magic pictures. It will be one of my favorites forever and ever.



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joy = winning!

All, I can say is Wii!!!!!!!!!

It’s still unbelievably wonderful to me, but the other day, I found out that I won a Wii and a Wii fit from Y. I AM SO EXCITED.  I signed up to win on a whim (ha ha), but never thought I’d really win. I’ve entered a lot of blog give aways, and never ever win. I decided they were all rigged and I generally don’t enter anymore.  I thought a Wii fit would be so cool, so I entered anyway. This is a toy is more expensive than we would ever buy – ever.

Hubby truly believes I won because my comment was number 42, and the number 42 is the meaning to live, the universe, and everything. It was meant to be.

I cannot wait until this toy comes. What a fantastic Christmas present.  Maybe there is a Santa…and maybe he works at Nintendo.

Thanks Y!

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