diapers for sale

I loved the idea of cloth diapers, but after using them for just a couple months, decided that I didn’t love using them as much as I loved the idea of them.

So, I’m selling my set of Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers and all the supplies.  It would be easiest to sell everything as a set, but if there are components you do or don’t want, we can negotiate an appropriate price.

Here’s what I’ve got:

A partially-used bottle of tea tree oil. It’s great to put a couple drops of this on a microfiber cloth in the wet bag, in between washings. Tea Tree oil is anti-fungal and can also be used to make your own diaper cream.


There are 22 standard microfiber inserts that fit inside the diapers. These have two layers of microfiber cloth sewn together.


Somehow (Fuzzi Bunz magic), the diapers don’t stain. However, the inserts do stain a bit in the wash. Sometimes a yellowish, sometimes pink. I couldn’t relate it to how dirty the diapers were, or what the baby ate. I don’t get it. I heard from other Fuzzi Bunz users that the same thing happened to their inserts. However, the inserts go in the diapers and aren’t seen when in use, so it never bothered me. They aren’t all stained, just a couple. Below is a picture of some of the inserts – you can see the one that has some interesting coloring.



I have 12 contours microfiber inserts. These have four layers of microfiber, but are made in a way to facilitate better cleaning and faster drying.  They are made of two double-layer inserts that are only sewn on the top and bottom.  So, they are actually open on the sides (picture below, since I know that’s confusing). They are skinnier in the middle, for a better fitting diaper. These are great for over night, longer outings, or just a heavy-wetting child.




There are 25 hemp wipes. I read that it’s better to not wash any cotton material with the diapers, so I went ahead and got hemp wipes. They were easy to use – I just tossed the dirty ones in the wet bag with the diapers. I kept a stack of wipes in a plastic tub, filled with water and wipes solution (below). They stayed moist and fresh. I have two of these rubbermaid tubs that I’ll throw in with the rest of the diapering supplies.  When I went out, I’d just put a few of the wipes in a ziplock bag and they would stay wet for a long time. I should mention that these are much bigger and more absorbant than a disposable wipe.  With a really dirty diaper, I can go through five disposable wipes, but at most, would only need two cloth wipes.



I have 19 Fuzzi Bunz diapers. They are all the newer style (purchased in the spring of 2008), size small. There are 6 in sage, 4 in butter, 4 in white, 5 in aqua.  There is also 1 white one in the older style (pointed tabs).  There are 20 in all.

The size small diapers will fit babies 7-18 pounds, generally from 0-8 months.

The official Fuzzi Bunz overview:

Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers are now better than ever. These new and improved Fuzzi Bunz feature stretchier elastic around the legs, noticeably larger tabs to better prevent sagging, updated top stitching for added seam reinforcement and are proudly made in the USA. Fuzzi Bunz diapers feature buttery soft fleece that stays dry against baby’s skin while super absorbent inserts retain liquid in the diapers’ pocket.


There is no staining on the diapers. The fleece on the yellow ones seems like it looks more yellowy than the others, but it’s an even color (not yellow spots). I think it’s just the yellow outer fabric that shows through.


I have two small Mommy’s Touch wetbags and one large one. These are my favorite wetbags. They have a handle and zip closed. I used the large one for keeping the dirty diapers between washings, and I used the small ones to keep in the diaper bags for when I was out.

Fuzzi Bunz diapers don’t need to stay in a pail of water. You just toss out any solids (if the “solids” aren’t solid yet, you can put it directly in the wash and will just disolve), pull out the insert, and put the insert and diaper in the wetbag. When you are ready to do laundry, you just turn the bag inside out into the washer, dumping everything in…bag and all.


There is one Swaddlebees cloth changing pad.


There are two large swaddlebees wet bag / diaper pail liners – one in green, one in pale yellow.


Last, but not least, I have 10.5 boxes of Baby Bits wipes solution. Ten boxes will last a long time. I bought so many to get free shipping. You dissolve one bit in a cup of hot water and pour over the cloth wipes. They stay smelling nice and have anti-fungal tea tree oil to keep the wipes fresh.  Its’ also soothing for baby’s skin.


I’d like to sell the entire lot for $375. I believe this is a great deal for you – it is more than 30% off of retail.

The end! Let me know if you have questions.


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  1. Does this total price include shipping? I’m “in negotiations” with my hubby about it 😉

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